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What we Believe

God is one being in three persons—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. He is the source of all creation, which He sustains and is in the process of redeeming. God the Father loves us and desires that we have fellowship with Him as His children (I John 1:3).

The Bible, containing both the Old and New Testament Scriptures, is the uniquely inspired Word of God. The Bible is the rule of faith and practice for Christians. We affirm that Scripture is the authoritative revelation from God by which we know God’s will and Christ’s authority. We seek to assert what the Scriptures clearly assert and allow freedom in other cases. We seek to understand divine intent, through authorial intent, and we seek to apply its teaching to the contemporary church and culture.

Salvation is by God alone through Jesus Christ alone. Those who believe, repent and are baptized into Him for forgiveness of sins are thereby born again of water and the Spirit, receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, and become the children of God. Acts 4:12, Acts 2:38

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